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Looking for a new phone in El Paso, TX? We sell refurbished phones at a discounted rate that beats all the competition. All refurbished devices come with a 14-day warranty. We also offer cell phone repair and sell countless accessories. With America Mobile, discover the state-of-the-art world of Apple and Samsung products, including the most trending accessories. Shop everything that the world has to offer in the wireless industry.

What Are Refurbished Phone?

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Ever bought a phone from online retailers and carriers, and returned it after a short period? Many online retailers and carriers offer 30-days “no questions asked” return policy, and sometimes people use that to test out phones and return them if it wasn’t what they were looking for.

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There are many reasons why a customer could have returned the phone. Maybe they changed their mind after some period of its use, found a phone they liked better in the meanwhile, or they received a phone with some manufacturing defect in the first place.

America Mobile

Whatever the reason, the law forbids the sellers from selling it as a new phone again. These phones then go through extensive checking, and if they are found to be faulty, they are repaired and tested vigorously. All the previous data, if any, are wiped securely from the phone, and the phones are put on sale as refurbished phones.

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